DimensionCanada Networks, an offshore Structural/Civil drafting outsourcing service provider. Structural/Civil services include the following:
» 2D Drafting & Detailing
» 3D Modeling Services
» Structural Design Services
» Construction Documentation

Our skilled draftsman can work by adopting your layering, standards, naming conventions and plot styles. Your data, concepts and sketches can/will be adapted to give you precise final drawings.

Our Structural 2D Drafting & Detailing Services include
» Foundation Plan with required engineering schedules
» Drawings for Shallow, Raft and Pile foundations
» Structural layouts for joist, trusses and Steel framing
» Truss and Joist details
» Blown up connection details
» Drawings for Pre-stressed structure
» Special structural drawings such as Retaining walls, Water Retaining   Structure etc.
» Detailing for R.C.C /Steel Chimney with Reinforcement

» Detailed layout with member and assembly numbering
» Detailed connection drawings for Element elevations
» Longitudinal section of individual element with nuts & bolts , location of the plate and details
» Estimation of quantity with measurement sheet

Detailing For Rebar Drawing
» Structural layouts with structural element numbering in details
» Schedule for Bar Bending as per required standards
» Profile with co-ordinate for Post tensioned slabs
» Estimation of quantity with measurement sheet

Structural / Civil 3D Modeling Services
We provide information for the building & Modeling services by integrating the advanced 3d technology, professional engineers and a strong development process at low cost.

Your projects will be modeled and detailed accurately by using the latest 3D Structural Detailing Software and on time.We can use AutoCAD, StruCad or SDS/2 depending on customer preference and can also customize the drawings as per specific need of marking schemes/ presentation. (Sheet size, layering, text style, etc.) AISC codes, standards prescribed in America (LRFD, ASD, OSHA) are followed as per design requirement.

The 3D models created by us offer
» Better visualization
» High productivity due to easy retrieval of information
» Increased coordination of construction documents
» Embedding and linking of vital information such as vendors for specific materials, location of details and   quantities required for estimation and tendering
» Increased speed of delivery
» Reduced costs

We can also provide complete set of structural drawings with Details as per your template settings if required
» 3D Modeling of structure in REVIT Structure environment.
» Detail structural drawing preparation.
» 3D Modeling, Rendering and walkthrough preparation in REVIT Building Environment.

Structural Design Services
We offer structural designing and qualitative designing services at competitive cost. We integrate current and evolving technologies to present solutions for Designing and Detailing of different types of structures & Structural analysis.Some of the structures for which we offer design services are mentioned below:

Steel Structures
» Commercial Buildings
» Industrial buildings like Power plant, Chemical plants, Refineries (Oil & Gas), Pipe Racks, Cement   Processing Units, Belt Conveyor Systems, Bridges etc
» Institution Buildings like Educational Institutes, School etc.

Reinforced Concrete/Post Tensioned Structures
» Residential Buildings
» Commercial Buildings
» Water supply and waste water treatment plant with elevated reservoirs
» Institution Buildings like educational institutes, school etc.
» Hospital

Wooden Frame Structure
» Residential buildings
» Commercial Buildings

Precast Panel Structures
» Residential Buildings
» Commercial Buildings
» Modular Structures
» Structural Library

Structural / Civil Documentation Services
We offer documentation of construction services with propositions to reduce cost and improved turn-around time.

Customer Segment / Industry
Our typical Customer segment includes:
» Building Contractors
» Structural consultants
» Fabricators
» Steel Detailers
» Architects
» CADD solution providers
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