Inputs required:
1. Hard Copies (Blue Prints, Rough sketches, old drawings in paper/film) Or Image files in Tiff, JPEG,       BMP or any Image formats
  2. Specifications (for Layers, Standard Tittle Blocks, Fonts etc? If you do not have this information we can       create the standard title blocks and use the AIA Layers.

How to send the Input files to us:
Email Attachment/Your FTP Server/Our FTP Server/Xdrive/FedEx/UPS

Standard drafting /Coversion: Once we receive the Input files along with your specifications, we will send our Time and Cost Estimate along with the delivery schedule through email. After you accept our Quote and delivery schedule (GO ORDER), we will start the processing of drawings and send the DWG/DXF/DGN files back to you.

The process of drafting/conversion goes through Drafting, QC in CAD Software, Manual QC, Editing, Final Check and QA before we send the output files to you.

  2. Shop Drawings for the Aluminum Cladding & Glazing Industry: Please provide a copy of the most recent architectural drawings, job specifications, and any other applicable documentation when requesting a quote.  Failure to provide sufficient information may delay the processing of your quote.  Any documents provided after the initial quote which change the Complexity Factor or increase the Scope of Work of your project will negate any previous quotes and/or lead-time estimates and will require the project to be requoted.  DimensionCanada Networks Inc. is not responsible for any delays which may result due to client’s failure to provide complete and accurate documentation during the initial quote process.

Please provide a complete and accurate door hardware schedule if you wish this information incorporated into our drawings.

Lead Times vary but we guarantee faster turn-around times than anyone else in the industry.   Depending on work load, size and complexity of your job, turn-around time could be as little as two days.
No worries, if you have a hot job and need it yesterday, I'll make it happen.

"Lead-time" is defined as the time between the receipt of the final applicable documentation required for the project, to the time the completed drawings are sent out to the customer (date of invoice).  Any delays as a result of incomplete, inaccurate, or delayed information in the documentation provided by the customer are the sole responsibility of the customer, and will negate any previously quoted lead times.  DimensionCanada Networks Inc. is not responsible for any delays due to insufficient or inaccurate information in the documentation provided by the customer.

"Increase in Scope of Work" is defined as any customer request after the submission of the original quote, that adds shop drawing elements (elevations, floor plans, plan views, wall sections, or details) that were not included in the originally quoted scope of work.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these drawings before beginning any work or fabrication by any trade.  This includes, but is not limited to, dimensions, quantities, applications, series, and conditions. DimensionCanada Networks Inc. is not responsible for errors in accepted drawings due to lack of thorough customer review.

Customer agrees that the use of these drawings by any trade shall be constituted as record acceptance, even if differing from architectural drawings, and that any errors by any trade utilizing these drawings shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.  Customer further agrees that DimensionCanada Networks shall not be held liable for any work done from these drawings.

DimensionCanada Networks Inc. is not responsible for errors resulting from the use of these drawings by other trades, or the coordination of any other trade's work or drawings with these drawings.

DimensionCanada Networks Inc. is not responsible for fabrication errors resulting from the use of these drawings even if differing from plans and specifications.

DimensionCanada Networks Inc. does not do structural reviews.  It is solely the responsibility of the customer to determine whether an application or condition depicted in the shop drawings is structurally sufficient to support the loads that will be imposed upon it.  Customer agrees that DimensionCanada Networks Inc. shall not be held liable for any damage or injury caused due to structural failure of any condition or component of the system installed on it.

How we send Output files back to you: Email Attachment / Your FTP Server / Our FTP Server / Xdrive / FedEx / UPS

Regarding the price aspect we normally quote per man-hour. When you send a drawing to be drafted in CAD standards we will first let you know how many man-hours it will take which should be multiplied with our man-hour price to get the total price for that drawing. We do this as the density of the drawings varies a lot from drawing to drawing of the same size.

Price for Shop Drawings of the Aluminum Cladding & Glazing will be charged on per sheet / project basis OR Contact for details.

Payment Plans: 1. DimensionCanada Networks Inc. will be sending our Invoice once in a month. Normally we raise our Invoice for the jobs done from 1st to 30th of each month and you will get the Invoice copy through email as attachment in PDF format and original through Post/FedEx in the first week ofthe next month.

You can take 7 to 10 days to clear the payment.

2. DimensionCanada Networks Inc. does not require a deposit in order to begin work on any project, providing the customer has returned a signed quote form accepting the quoted price and authorizing DimensionCanada Networks to begin work on the project named on the quote. No work shall begin on any project until a signed quote form is returned by the customer, either via fax or Postal Service.

Payment in full is due within Thirty (30) days of receipt of completed drawings.  

Any chargeable revisions are billed separately from the initial submission. Payment for any chargeable revisions is due within thirty (30) days of receipt of revised drawings. Full payment for the initial submission is still due per the terms outlined above, regardless of any revisions that may be required or requested.

Payment can be done through Wire/Swift Transfer as we have Accounts with MajorAmerican/European Banks. We will send you Our Bankers details through email.We also accept  Draft or certified Cheques.

Once you make the Payment you need to inform us the date and amount of transfer along with Bankers Remittance advice (scan this in Tiff/JPEG/PDF format) and send us as attachment to email. This is required for us to follow it up with our Bankers.

DimensionCanada Networks Inc. has developed strong working relationships with engineering firms all over the country and can have drawings stamped.Please contact us for details.


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