How do we start?
The initial steps are to send us the following:
Scope of work
Sketch / Paper Drawings / Reference Samples
Required Turnaround time

Do you provide a free trial?
Yes, we provide a free trial but it is limited to 5-6 hrs of work.

In what format can the drawings be sent?
The files can be sent in any graphic format, such as TIFF, JPEG, PDF etc....   Paper drawings can also be couriered to our office. AutoCAD drawings can also be emailed to us for 3D modeling and animations.

What drawing standards are followed?
We can follow any Drawing Standards as prescribed by you.

How do we communicate?
Communication can be done by email and phone. Attachments upto 10 mb can be sent per email for larger files/data we can setup an FTP account.

In what resolution should the paper drawings be scanned?
The paper drawings can be scanned starting from 150 DPI - 200 DPI, however the most important part is the clarity of the information to be sent.

Can drawings be sent through fax?
We do not encourage drawings to be faxed as it may lead to a loss of quality and information.

What kind of turnaround time can be expected?
The turnaround time depends totally on the project as well as the output required. We can also work on short deadlines if required, rush charges shall be applicable.

Do you spell-check the drawings?
Yes, we spell check the drawings to maintain the quality.

How do you ensure security of data?
We make every effort to safe guard the project details during the course of the project. Our office is in a fully owned building with 24*7 gaurd & security.

Are these services permissible under law?
Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) are covered under WTO agreement and are signed by more than 100 countries around the Globe.

How do we make payments?
Payments can be made in US Dollars or in any other currency by mailing a cheque to us or by wire transfer to our bankers.

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