DimensionCanada Networks Inc. Established in 2001,has built up a reputation, over the years, providing quality professional services in the field of CAD, CAM, Map Conversion, GIS and Software Development executing many projects for international clients, keeping to highly demanding time schedules.

DimensionCanada Networks Inc. produce quality shop drawings for the glass and glazing industry. Since its inception DCN has produced over so many shop drawings for glazing sub-contractors.

DimensionCanada Networks Inc. specializes in all aluminum manufactures storefront, window and curtain wall systems, including custom design for said systems. In addition, DCN produces Shop Drawings for the following, but not limited to; metal panel systems, sunshades, louvers, translucent panel systems, decorative grills, slab edge covers, column covers and trellis systems.

DimensionCanada Networks Inc. is also giving the services in the following areas:

Complimenting quality and speed with competitive, cost-effective services, DCN has carried out a niche for itself in the domestic and international markets

Located ideally in the heart of Vancouver city the cybercity of Canada, DCN today can take pride of being in the forefront of IT industry, providing solutions in CAD drafting, designing, 3D modelling,Shop drawings for theAluminum Cladding, Rain Screen Cladding & Glazing industry, curtain walls & store front systems, Photogrammetric mapping, Cartographic Processing combined with Software development, consultancy and training.

A committed team of highly Experienced Professionals, led in each specific field by established Engineers with varied and vast experience makes it possible for us to provide quality services in most demanding of time schedules.

We use AutoCAD, Archicad & ADT for the Architectural CAD drafting, drawing, designing & conversion outsourcing services.

Mechanical CAD/Engineering CAD Drafting Services cater to the needs of Manufacturing & Engineering Industry, Mechanical Engineers, Production Engineers, Design Engineers & Fabricators.

Our basic attitude and environmental factors complimenting it are instrumental in providing cost-effective solutions and consequently high competitive bids. 

We provide Autocad drawings conversion, 2D CAD drafting, 3D drafting, paper to CAD conversions, Converting 3D Assembly or Part Model to 2D Shop Drawings, 3D modeling and animation, Professional CAD Shop Drawings for the Aluminum Cladding & Glazing Industry.

Offshore Architectural CAD/Engineering CAD drawing, drafting & conversion,Professional CAD Shop Drawings for the Aluminum Cladding & Glazing Industry is one of the most popular management practices today.Though it is generally spurred by the cost reduction factor, this is just one of the reasons one should consider offshore outsourcing. CAD Service Providers do not just offer cost effective solutions, but also value addition by improving productivity and quality.

DimensionCanada Networks Inc. is a leading Cad Drafting Service Provider.Outsource All your Cad drawing, drafting, designing, conversion and 3D Cad modeling, rendering needs to us, as CAD is our area of core competency.

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